Taking care of your hair in the cooler seasons

As the seasons change in the weather gets cooler, you might notice that your hair is a little more dry and brittle. That is mainly because with the seasons changing there is less humidity in the air. During these cooler seasons, it is very important that you follow a few steps to make sure you keep your hair in tact while still living your day-to-day life. When the climate gets cooler, I try to stress the importance of Liquid Cream Oil or the LCO method.

The quickest way to moisturize your hair will always be water, which is why the first step in the LCO method is to shampoo and condition your hair. Personally, I like to use sulfate free, paraben free, and silicone free shampoos. I know a lot of people like to use silicone enhanced shampoos and conditioners but silicone is a natural water deterrent, Meaning it shields anything from getting wet.

After you shampoo and condition, you want to use a good leave in conditioner to help keep your hair moisturized and also add in essential nutrients to you hair. I generally don’t have a set leave in conditioner for all clients. Everyone’s hair texture is different so I pick leave in conditioners according to the clients and hair texture and curl type.

When it comes to oil, coconut oil will always be my go to. I was once a big fan of Jamaican mango and lime castor oil, but it tends to be a little thick for my liking. For some odd reason, the consistency of coconut oil is just perfect for me to manipulate through any clients’ hair.

I know there are people out there that use the LOC method (liquid oil cream), And I have tried it, but I personally feel it’s less effective than LCO. The reason I say this is because water and oil do not mix. And since water is the basis for this entire procedure (because of shampoo and conditioning), the oil can’t set properly in the water. That’s why the cream acts as a catalyst between the water in the oil. Please feel free to try both methods and let me know which one works better for you.